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Michelin Chefs Cook with Truffles: 6 chefs, 6 dishes, plenty of techniques

Our Michelin Chefs Cook series puts the spotlight on ingredients handled by expert hands, highlighting the beauty of simple seasonal ingredients and pantry basics and exploring their full potential from the simple to the sophisticated.

Truffle season is upon us and to celebrate we’ve collected some great videos of Michelin-starred chefs using this most revered of gourmet ingredients in different ways.


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1. Heston Blumenthal: the ultimate 80s toastie

The toastie maker entered into household kitchens in the 1980s, and with that, the after-school ham and cheese toasties. But Blumenthal’s ‘ultimate ’80s toastie’ is probably nothing like the toasties that you had as a kid. Get nostalgic and give your toastie a major upgrade, Heston style, with black truffle puree, jamon, braised pork belly, sliced black truffles and a special cheese filling.

2. Enrico Crippa: white truffle tagliolini

Enrico Crippa of three Michelin star Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba, Italy shows you how to make fresh tagliolini, a white truffle butter, and beef consommé with truffles and procini mushrooms which he then serves alongside the truffle tagliolini to be consumed like a noodle soup. The video comes complete with a list of ingredients and quantities. 

3. Mikael Jonsson: Perigord truffle omelet

Mikael Jonsson is the chef at Hedone, London with one Michelin star. His Perigord truffle omelette shows off four different flavours and textures of these black French truffles: infused into the omelette batter, wrapped inside the omelette, shaved fresh on top, and served alongside in a reduced sauce. 

4. Björn Frantzén: scallops

Ever thought of scallops and truffles together? Björn Frantzén explains how he serves scallops at his three Michelin star restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm in this video. Hand dived scallops from Norway are grilled and placed back inside the shell along with butter, truffle juice, grated truffle, and dashi made of scallops. 

5. Alain Passard: parmesan and truffle fondant

Craving some old school French fine dining inspiration? Watch a tender young Alain Passard cook on a French cooking series from the ’80s. Here he makes a parmesan and truffle fondant using eggs, truffle slices, truffle jus, butter, and very thinly shaved parmesan, which according to Passard, makes a great breakfast dish… 

6. Gordon Ramsay: stuffed roast turkey with truffle butter

Back to a more home cook-friendly recipe with Gordon Ramsay. Check out a great holiday turkey recipe with a stuffing full of herbs and flesh fragrant with black truffles.

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